WE SUE DEBT COLLECTORS for violating our clients’ rights!

If you are being harassed by a debt collector, contact us today for a free consultation. You may be able to sue the debt collector and recover money against them for violating the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Protection Act). Some of the violations of the FDCPA include the following:

  1. Calls before 8am and after 9pm.
  2. Calls to your work more than once.
  3. Calls to your family or neighbors in order to inquire about your debt. Aside from your spouse, the debt collectors cannot speak to anyone else about you about your debt, unless they are trying to confirm your location.
  4. Tell anyone else (apart from your spouse) that the collector is trying to collect a debt from you.
  5. Contact you after you have written to the debt collector and asked them not to contact you
  6. Attempting to collectt on a debt that is not valid (debt discharged in bankruptcy, settled debt, etc.)
  7.  Using deceptive methods lying in order to collect a debt
  8. Leave a message on an answering machine without saying that the collector is trying to collect a debt; they must leave a name and name of company.
  9. Sue or even threaten to sue on a debt after a statute of limitations expired
  10. Threaten you with jail, arrest or anything similar.
  11. Threaten to sue you when the collector has no intention of doing so
  12. Threaten to garnish your wages, repossess property, put liens against your property, without explaining that first the creditor must file suit and get a judgment.
  13. Sue you on the debt in a wrong jurisdiction (county where you do not live and where you did not enter into an agreement)
  14. Tell you embarrassing things or calling you names.
  15. Use profane or other abusive language, scream at you.
  16. Give the impression that the caller or his company has some connection with the government, the courts, the police, other law enforcement, etc.
  17. Try to collect the wrong amount, add fees.
  18. Call you repeatedly.
  19. Call you after the collector knows you have an attorney.
  20. Ask you to pay more than you owe.
  21. Ask you to pay interest, fees, or expenses that are not allowed by law.
  22. Call at times the collector knew or should know are inconvenient.
  23. Use or threaten to use violence if you don’t pay the debt.

You have rights, and our attorneys can help you. Do not tolerate debt collection harassment!

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