Case Summaries


USA v. D.G.- not guilty

The client was charged with smuggling firearms outside of the United States and shipping them to Haiti. After cross examining the agents and customs officers, we were able to show that the agents failed to follow procedure and collect all evidence. The jury deliberated for a short period of time and found our client not guilty. 

USA v. J.P.- not guilty

The client was charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and attempting to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and was facing 5 years minimum mandatory up to 40 years on each count if convicted.  The Government indicted our client for allegedly picking up 2 kilograms of cocaine from a cooperating witness. After showing that the cooperating witness had reasons to lie and our client's lack of knowledge of what was inside of the bag, the jury found our client not guilty on both counts. 

USA v. l.a.- not guilty

The client was accused of conspiracy to posses stolen goods and possession of goods stolen from interstate shipment. Our client, a hard working truck driver, was accused of being involved with a ring of people who rob truck drivers and steal truck cargo. Three other people who were arrested and charged all flipped and cooperated, stating that our client, the driver, was in on the robbery of over $1 million in merchandise. After showing that the convicted cooperators were only after their reduction in sentence, and the lack of any evidence against our client, the jury found him not guilty on all charges. 

usa v. P.B.- dismissed

Client was indicted for conspiracy to commit access device fraud and use of unauthorized access devices as part of a multi defendant indictment for use of fraudulent credit cards and identity theft scheme. The Government agreed to dismiss all counts against our client prior to trial.  

USA v. R.L.- not guilty

The client was indicted with conspiracy to import heroin and attempting to possess with intent to distribute heroin. The government dismissed all charges prior to trial. 

state v. K.E.- not guilty

The client was charged with attempted murder and armed robbery. This was a classic case of racial profiling where the eyewitnesses' description was that they saw three black males in hoodies. The police went along with the description, arrested the wrong three people and the State Attorney's Office continued with prosecuting three innocent men. Even after receiving the DNA evidence that clearly implicated someone else, the State continued the mockery of a month long trial. The jury after hearing testimony for one month, deliberated for less than twenty minutes and found our client and his two friends not guilty on all counts. 

state v. R.M.- not guilty

The client was charged with 8 counts including armed kidnapping, multiple counts of aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and robbery. After a long trial, the jury was able to see through the inconsistencies of the alleged victim and found our client not guilty on all eight counts,. 

state v. m.M.- not guilty

The client was charged with aggravated assault with firearm and possession of firearm by a convicted felon. After going to trial and showing that the "eyewitnesses" gave conflicting descriptions and  the lack of evidence, the jury found our client not guilty. 

state v. T.B.- not guilty

The client was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, three counts of attempted first degree murder, possession of a firearm in commission of a felony.  After doing numerous deposition of witnesses and investigating the case, we filed a speedy demand for trial. The State dismissed all charges prior to trial. 

state v. C.c.- dismissed

The client was  charged with armed cocaine trafficking and facing a 10 year minimum mandatory. After showing that the officers initiated a bogus traffic stop and illegally searched the client's vehicle,  we were able to show that the client's alleged consent to search his house was invalid and our motion to suppress all evidence was granted,. The case was dismissed. 

state v. M.B.- dismissed

The client was on federal probation and picked up a new case involving fraud. While the client was in federal custody, the open state case prevented him from getting out to the halfway house in his federal case. After filing a motion to dismiss the information, the Court granted our motion and all state charges were dismissed. 

state v. D.B.- not guilty

The client was  charged with burglary and grand theft. Even though the state's expert testified that our client's DNA was found inside of the burglarized house, with the help of the defense DNA expert, the client was found not guilty. 


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