Injured? Arrested?
Don’t Panic, Call Bozanic!
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Injured? Arrested?
Don’t Panic, Call Bozanic!
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Attorneys Zeljka Bozanic, left, and Alan Ross, right, talk with reporters outside Miami federal court after their client, Guy Philippe, was sentenced.

Representation of a Senator-elect in Haiti that resulted in getting the drug trafficking charge dismissed.

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We have successfully fought and litigated numerous high-profile drug importation cases, sex trafficking, armed robbery, and fraud cases. Some of the notable cases that received media coverage include:

THE CLUB MADONNA CASE –  our client, who was initially charged with Human Trafficking, punishable by life in prison and numerous other counts, ended up with one misdemeanor count after all the remaining charges were dismissed.

NFL PLAYER – Ms. Bozanic represented former American Football player in the NFL, Michael Bennett, who played as a running back for the Minnesota Vikings. Mr. Bennett’s sentence involved less than a year served in jail for a fraud charge.

INNOVIDA EXECUTIVE IN A $40 MILLION FRAUD – Ms. Bozanic represented Claudio Osorio, a top Miami businessman who ran a Fortune 500 company. Mr Osorio was accused of diverting money to offshore accounts that his company Innovida collected from investors for building homes in Haiti, after the devastating earthquake in January of 2010. Some of the investors mentioned in the case included NBA basketball players, such as Carlos Boozer, Alonzo Mourning, etc.

FENTANYL BUST – Ms Bozanic represented one of the first people charged in Federal Court with Fentanyl, better known as Flakka. She successfully defended her client against any additional enhancements based on the possession of a brand new drug called W-18 after arguing that W-18 was not on the DEA Schedule of Controlled Substances at the time of the arrest.

JAMAICAN LOTTERY SCAM – Ms. Bozanic represented clients accused in the Jamaican Lottery scams involving millions of dollars sent to Jamaica. She was able to secure a downward variance and convince the Judge to give a probation sentence.

PROSECUTION OF A HAITIAN SENATOR– Ms. Bozanic represented the Senator-elect of Grand-Anse, Haiti, Guy Philippe, and was successful in getting his drug trafficking charge dismissed.

RACIAL PROFILING IN BROWARD– One of the most significant verdicts in Ms. Bozanic’s career involves an acquittal of a client who was charged with armed robbery and attempted first-degree murder only because he happened to be a black male wearing a hoodie. The officers in the case jumped on arresting our client and his two friends after getting a general description of “three black males in hoodies”.  The worst part of the case was that the prosecutor handling the case decided to go forward, despite receiving DNA evidence that exonerated our client and implicated another person. After a month-long trial and fighting ignorance, racism, and incompetence, Ms. Bozanic’s client was vindicated by a jury who found him NOT GUILTY on all charges.

PHONE PASSCODE LITIGATION – Ms. Bozanic has been involved in litigation of the new law passed requiring the defendants to turn over phone passwords to law enforcement and essentially incriminate themselves. The recent decision in State v. Stahl, out of the Second District Court of Appeals, caused prosecutors all over Florida to start filing motions requiring the defendants to turn over their phone passcode to law enforcement.

VEHICULAR HOMICIDE CASE INVOLVING A BROWARD SHERIFF DEPUTY- Our office was able to obtain a not-guilty verdict for our client, who was accused of driving drunk and crashing into a BSO deputy who died on the scene. After a 3 week trial, we were able to prove that our client did not run a red light and that the blood test results obtained by BSO lab were not reliable. Our client was released and reunited with his family after a not-guilty verdict.

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